# IntelliJ Idea and similar Jetbrains IDE

# Plugins

There is only one real plugin usable with IntelliJ based IDEs: Elixir

It brings multiple features to the table but to our experience it's not a full Visual Studio experience.

The most important parts this plugin provides are build configurations and code highlighting, intellisense is semi-working since Elixir itself is somewhat lose language and it's harder to make proper intellisense.

# Templates

Elixir plugin provides multiple file templates but they are mostly oriented on Elixir and its genserver.

We created multiple templates for Phoenix server itself. Namely:

  • Phoenix Controller
  • Phoenix View
  • Phoenix Plug

# Creating your application

Elixir plugin does not create a template for Phoenix project but you can easily create it in command line.

# Setup your project

After you open your project in IntelliJ Idea and open one of the .ex(s) files you might see a yellow message at the top of the file code saying Elixir Facet SDK is not defined with a link on the right side

# Running your application

To run your application you have to create a build configuration. Elixir plugin provides you with multiple build configurations but we will use Elixir configuration template.

Put -S mix phx.server in elixir arguments field.

# Debugging your application

Although one of the Elixir plugin features is ability to debug your code as you are used to in Visual Studio we were not able to make it run. But you can always with IEX console.