Into Phoenix

From ASP.NET Developer to Knight of the Order of the Phoenix!

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From programmers to programmers

We are daily programmers and we like to get to the point, fast.

With code examples

We've got code examples in both, ASP.NET and in Phoenix.

Real life approach

We explain everything as we would use it in our professional lifes on real projects.


We are in no way, shape or form experts of either ASP.NET Forms/MVC/Core and or Elixir/Phoenix. We develop applications in ASP.NET/SharePoint for many years, some of us developed applications even in ASP, so we are not complete newbies to ASP.NET and altough Elixir/Phoenix seems to be easier to learn than ASP.NET we are still learning and studing how to use it properly.
These pages are here just for our fellow .NET programers to learn this great framework for truly scalable applications.


The real trick is not to learn Elixir or Phoenix, those are just new layers of hegemon called OTP. OTP is what helps you to tune/monitor/scale/run forever your applications. It's all around us from mid 90's and it's still the same toolset they used then.

We are currently reading this Designing for Scalability with Erlang/OTP to help us understand it. (Warning! It's heavy stuff.)

You can also check this video The ABCs of OTP - Jesse J. Anderson to understand the real basics of OTP.